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About EFWU

We are an independent UK based workers union, working to change employer attitudes and support ALL workers equally. The best way to ensure your employment rights is to join EFWU and get your colleagues to join with you, growing our collective voice.

Why should you join EFWU?

Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women.

— Joss Whedon —

Employment Equality Law

UK Employment Equality Law is a body of law which legislates against prejudice-based actions in the workplace. As an integral part of UK Labour Law it is unlawful to discriminate against a person because they have one of the “protected characteristics”, such as age, disability, gender, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

What is discrimination?

Direct discrimination is treating a person less favourably than another who lacks the protected characteristic, is ALWAYS unjustified and unlawful, except when there is a “occupational requirement” which is a legitimate business justification accepted by a court.

Indirect discrimination is also unlawful, and this exists when an employer applies a policy to their workplace that affects everyone equally, but it has a skewed impact on people with a protected characteristic when there is no good business justification for that practice.

Other forms or discrimination include harassment and victimisation which are equally illegal.

How Big an Issue is Equality in the Workplace?

Employment Tribunal Claims in 2013
Unfair Dismissal Cases in 2013
% Rise in Redundency Related Cases Since 2008
Union Fighting Your Corner

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.

— Frances Wright —

Our Role

Harmonious workplace relationships are essential to optimum business efficiency. Even minor problems can develop into grievances or disputes if they're not dealt with quickly and effectively. Although most employers have policies and procedures to resolve workplace problems, in many cases a positive result can be achieved through early discussion and possible intervention with your workers union.

When we talk about equal pay for equal work, women in the workplace are beginning to catch up. If we keep going at this current rate, we will achieve full equality in about 475 years. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait that long.

— Lya Sorano —


The more people who join us, the stronger our voice becomes. Get in touch using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



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